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Toheart Mini Giveaway

Hey guys! So like I said I would. I am giving away my second copy of Toheart’s album!! There is going to be 1 Winner and they would win the album and some other SHINee things that I have. I’m going to keep the photocard though sorry. I will ship internationally.


  • you don’t have to be following me
  • you can like once and reblog as many times as you want
  • no giveaway blogs ( I will check!)
  • you have to be willing to give me your address so I can actually send you the album and things
  • I will notify the winner through message so you have to have your ask box open. The winner will have 24 hours to respond or I will choose another winner.
  • the winner will be chosen through a random number generator

The giveaway will run from today 4/13 till the end of the month 4/30. I will message the winner on the May 1. Good luck!!

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